Level 1


This course is 6 weeks, once/twice a week, which is split into two part levels, It's the perfect course to get you ready for the social dance floor.

Experience the most sensual partnering dance in the world.

Kizomba, also known as the "African Tango" has fast become one of the hottest dances on the planet.

In our Kizomba beginners level, focus will be on connecting with your partner, basic technique and fundamentals.

It must be stressed that Kizomba is a sensual dance and not sexual. Both ladies and gents are encouraged to respect this during classes.

Kizomba "A Slow and Romantic Dance" that emerged as a genre with a sensual touch mixed with African Rhythm.





How The 6-Weeks Course Works:



Level 2


If you are an experienced Kizomba dancer or have successfully completed Level 1 & 2 then this class is perfect for you. Focus will be on intricate techniques, tricks, styling and accuracy to get you flowing across the dance floor.  You will also be encouraged to develop your own flavour and style and combine movements in your own unique way.