Level 1 - Absolute Beginners


This course is 6 weeks, once/twice a week, which is split into two part levels, It's the perfect course to get you ready for the social dance floor.

Salsa Absolute Beginners, is for the student with little or no dance experience that wants to learn the fundamentals of cross body, musicality & more...




How The 6-Weeks Course Works:




Is for the student who is comfortable with the salsa fundamentals taught in the Absolute Beginners course.

From this foundation, you will start to build a better understanding of the salsa timing, body movement, turn patterns, how to lead or follow, while strengthening your fundamentals and improving your skills.




Level 2


Level 3



In this high energy, intermediate class, we teach fun and challenging turn patterns, as well as more advanced salsa principles and techniques. In this level you will also learn how to incorporate body movement and styling to your dancing.




Level 4


This class is our highest level in cross body Salsa on one. Designed for the advanced level student who is interested in becoming an instructor or performer.

In this class, you will learn advanced techniques and be equipped with tips for both teaching and performing.